Sophera loudspeaker systems are prized by owners for their realism and transparency. Owners report that Sophera loudspeakers seemingly 'disappear' leaving only vividly reproduced musical sound. This sonic transparency is achieved through a unique combination of design philosophy, componentry and materials.
The smooth surfaces of our loudspeaker enclosures enable sound to travel to the listener's ears without being refracted and distorted by sharp edges - such as are inherent in box-shaped loudspeaker cabinets. Imagine ripples in a pond as they radiate towards you. The ripples travel to you without interference unless they strike say, the sharp edges of a rock, which force the ripples back onto themselves thus destroying the purity of the original waves.
Sophera loudspeakers are constructed from a highly refined blend of concrete materials. The sheer massiveness of Sophera loudspeaker construction overcomes resonances that could otherwise colour the reproduced sound. Such undesirable resonances are often present and audible in timber speaker cabinets.
Theory and design philosophy aside, your ears will be the judge. If you are contemplating an upgrade to your sound system, ensure you experience Sophera loudspeakers.


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